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We keep our prices high to throttle access to the lists, and to keep spammers and scammers out. Overused lists don't cut it.

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Everything you need to start connecting with high quality, potential clients in the real estate sales and lettings industry.

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We keep our prices high to throttle access to the lists, and to keep the spammers and scammers out. We all know that overused SPAM lists won’t cut it.

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Members Only Features

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Useful company data

We collect a variety of data including company, contact name, address, website, email, phone, etc.

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Company LinkedIn

Find the most relevant people within these companies and build your professional network.

Social media profiles

We've collected known/associated social media profiles and follower counts to help you connect with leads.

Relevant contacts

We've included the email address of the owner, managing director, or suitable contact within the business.

Website technical data

Find out what content management system (CMS) their website is built on to offer complementary services.

Publicly available
Every single data point in our lists is publicly available. Not the result of a database leak or hack.

As with any business, there will be some data that is unavailable for privacy reasons or otherwise, which we 100% respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy to trawl search engine listings for potential leads, but be prepared to spend 90% of your time compling lists that you'll never get time to utilise.

It's even easier to buy a cheap list with thousands of leads and start blasting cold emails. But be prepared for terrible results.

At AgentLeads, we focus on quality over quantity. We collect all our data by hand to ensure validity. We keep our prices high to keep the spammers and scammers out.

All data points in our lists, including emails, are publicly available and compiled from multiple sources.

We collect all the data by hand, then use the above sources to cross check the information and use human intuition to conclude on what we'll add on our list.

We can disclose the source of a specific data point with you if it's ever needed.

Yes, you can. Our demo is a truncated list of real contacts from our database so check it out to see what sort of information we collect.

Yes, you can. We understand that you may want to test the water before jumping in so we have a monthly rolling subscription available. You can upgrade to a yearly subscription at any time.

We are a relatively tiny, premium, lead generation business that works with a very select number of businesses.

We keep our prices high, in order to have very few, high quality customers.

Most of whom, target different areas of the United Kingdom and offer different kinds of services.

Overlapping on all of the above is highly unlikely.

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